Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sony Interested Make PSP in The ability Mobile

PlayStation phone, aka mobile phones with the ability of the PlayStation Portable gaming style, began to be discussed. Sony Ericsson interested in him.

Discourse about the mobile phone disclosed PlayStation Hideki Komiyama, President of Sony Ericsson. Komiyama said that his company interested in designing a phone that will harness the power of the PlayStation brand. Of course, the phone must have gaming capabilities.

It appears appropriate discourse Komiyama opinion that Sony Ericsson is still behind in terms of technological development. "If we do not adopt this new technology or new markets, we will lose," he said.

So far, Sony Ericsson has adopted several brands from Sony to the phone line. This was done through a range of Walkman and Cybershot.

Currently, the only gadget PlayStation is the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It could be the PlayStation phone will have a similar ability to PSP

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