Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New iPod Shuffle, The Small and Sophisticated

Apple constantly spawn new and innovative products. And now, they managed to tamper with a mini music player iPod shuffle, so the new model was born super mini. The size of this thing is only half of the old model.

Despite having a smaller size when compared with AA batteries, the iPod is quite kicking. A service that provides a new experience for its users, buried here, namely that replaces Voiceover services tasks and monitor key (display) iPod.

Service is what makes the iPod sized 1.8 inch high and 0.3 inches thick, it can 'talk'. This music player can speak a variety of information such as song titles and artist names. Can even tell the age of the battery.

A total of 14 languages controlled by this smart iPod, including English, Dutch, Italian, etc.. Indonesian honey in a row does not include that language.

Voiceover itself is actually a term that's invested in Apple Mac OS X Leopard. This feature is intended for the blind disabled to be able to use Mac products more easily.

iPod is a unique operation, that is, through this cord earphones, released at a price of U $ S79. With a 4GB memory, you can be satisfied include about 1,000 songs in it.

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