Thursday, May 6, 2010

50 most popular women on the web

Google has released the 50 most popular women on the Internet. Can be understood as the name itself, on this basis the list of who made the most searched the net, that depends on the location of the star popularity on the web. However, this does not really become a real direction of their real popularity, because, more often than not, it is the taste of some scandal surrounding a particular cause or celebrity to urge users to search with their names. On the other hand, feel that the list of observers, to a certain extent, that the popularity of these people.

The list of the most popular women on the Internet, including those such as Miley Cyrus and Paris like Hilton. The inclusion of the latter can be well understood, of course, all the scandal broke around every other day seems to her name. The list also includes names and Ke $ ha Lady Gaga, with the two highest posts were deleted. The third is taken from Madonna, followed by Rihanna and Beyonce.

However, seems to be a surprise on the list of 50 most popular women on the web. The list includes of Justin Bieber. Although the one hand, the name of the singer is in fact with all the other celebrities in the music industry in the list seems to be no reason to include a male star's name on the list.

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