Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apple close Streaming Music Sites

Apple has announced plans to close one of its companies operating in the music streaming service, which is Lala. Closing this shows that maybe they are planning to turn iTunes into a cloud-based services.

In a message on the site, Apple said that the service they Lala will be closed on 31 May, and since then certainly there will be no new user acceptance. So that was launched through the Internet News, Sunday (05/02/2010).

Users will find that will continue to play MP3 songs, and they will be given credit by the amount of the purchase songs in the web where they have to redeem at the iTunes Store.

Apple bought the company in December of last December. Lala offers music streaming of more than seven million songs in the United States. Lala's presence initially, to eliminate the need to download the software.

At the time of acquisition, Apple reported that the possibility to move since this June. However, a clear, iTunes will be one of their gates to offer 'something' that is more toward consumers.

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