Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marshal Shaposhnikov

Pacific Fleet (PF) of the large anti-submarine ships Marshal Evgeny Shaposhnikov and anti-piracy exercise No. Farragut in the Gulf of Aden, RIA Novosti reports citing Luomamaer Chertoff post of Colonel in charge of Information and Public Relations of phenolic service.

According to the exercise program, and escorted convoys through the Gulf of Aden Saposnikov Marshal received distress signals from vessels attacked by pirates. U.S. destroyer as the ship in distress.

Saposnikov Marshal sent a helicopter deck and fast high-speed motor boats and the search team on board. Soon, the "pirate ship" is to stop; there mounted Farragut heliport, the Marines found and arrested PF 6 "pirates."

Satisfied with the action exercise headquarters, to do so. During the exercise, Russia and the United States search exchange of experiences and skills boarding team; sailors between the two countries to complete their task quickly and professionally, that Martov.

The successful holding of the exercise provide evidence of a new phase of coordinated development of anti-piracy troop deployment in the Gulf of Aden, Major General Bernard Miranda, Commander Joint Task Force members include 151 Farragut.

Currently, emerging Marshal Evgeny Shaposhnikov then escort it through the Gulf.

Fourth Fund's anti-piracy unit, composed of a large anti-submarine ships Marshal Evgeny Shaposhnikov (two helicopter flight deck), and ocean-going salvage tug tanker pechenga the MB - 37 3 月 29 arrived in Aden Gulf attended an international anti-piracy action. Marshal Evgeny Shaposhnikov two merchant ships escorted the team through the Gulf.

Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Farragut number is. The ship was scheduled for January 9, 2004, beginning July 23, 2005; commissioned on June 10, 2006. Displacement is 9,200 tons; length of 155 meters and a width of 20 m, draft 9.4 m, speed 30 knots, crew 290. Equipment: 2 VLS for RIM companies, 66 SM - 2, Background Music - 109 Tomahawk or rum - 139 of VL - Esiluoke missiles, 127 mm gun mount Mark 45; 2 25 mm gun mounts; 4 12.7 mm machine gun, two phalanx close in weapon system, 23 torpedo launchers Valley 32; multi-purpose helicopters, SH - 60 Sea Hawk.

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