Monday, January 18, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 launched February 2010

Microsoft Corp. plans to unveil a new operating system for mobile phones next month. The Company may use the celebration Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to show a new software called Windows Mobile 7. "However, this decision was not final," said the anonymous source who knows the problem.

Microsoft relies on the latest software to bring back the spirit of the consumer Windows Mobile and mobile phone manufacturers who have adopted this system. Understandably, according to Matt Rosoff, an analyst with Kirkland, Windows Mobile 6.5, which came out in October, not enough to satisfy the software developer.

As a result, the faster they are showing Windows Mobile 7, the better, "he said. Conversely, the longer the delay the launch of Microsoft's operating system, may be, the less consumers Microsoft for handset makers will glance at other options.

Unfortunately, Debbie Anderson, a spokesman for Redmond, Microsoft's base in Washington, did not want to say this launch time. "There are no new thing to be announced," he said. Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft Corp.. years ago said that the new program will come out in 2010.

Microsoft did not manufacture their own phones, but, just an operating system that will be used by its partners. Windows mobile market share has been eroded by the launch Apple's iPhone, Research In Motion Ltd. BlackBerry and with models that use the Google Android software. Final software, and even freely used by Motorola Inc., HTC Corp. and other producers. Google introduced the phone itself is based on the software this month.

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