Monday, January 18, 2010

South Korean Develop Housemaid Robot

Housemaid in the future, not covered by the possibility of shifting robots. A number of robotics experts from various countries have developed a robot that can help with any homework.

South Korea is currently developing a robot 'domestic' code named Mahru-Z. This robot is claimed capable of doing tasks such as washing clothes, cleaning the floor to warm the food in the microwave.

AFP, Monday (18/1/2010) launch Mahru-Z shaped Like a human who could run. Form-Z Mahru head can spin 360 degrees. This robot also has legs, arms with six fingers bionics, and the ability of three-dimensional vision.

"The power of Mahru-Z is the visual ability to read the object, and perform the tasks required," said You Bum-Jae, Head of the Cognitive Robot Center at Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

Mahru-Z has approximately 1.3 meters tall and weighing 55 kilograms. Earlier South Korea also developed a robot with wheels for mobility using the Marhu-M robot that can run the computer.

The cost for the development of Mahru-Z is a project to cost approximately $ 3, 5 billion every year since 2006.

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