Monday, January 18, 2010

Steve Ballmer: Google Steps Not Useful

Google's attitude stop protest censorship of its search service results in China booed Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer. He even insisted that Microsoft still operates as usual at the Bamboo Curtain country.

"I don't know what the benefits. I don't understand it for us and I do not know what's in it for China," he said in a speech last week reported by the Telegraph. He said Microsoft will not support Google's stance is against the rules of Internet content censorship in China.

Ballmer questioned why Google is accused of co-ordinated attacks against the infrastructure of Google and dozens of companies in the U.S. behind the protest action. According to him, an attack like that of Google is not new and most experienced companies in the era of an increasingly virtual world is open.

"There are a lot of attacks every day. I'm not sure there is something extraordinary, so I don't understand," he said. He said Microsoft was being attacked every day from all over and do not think there is too much threat.

Nevertheless, the threat of Google for search engine services mengehntikan if not allowed to operate without censors, likely indirectly benefit Microsoft. If Google came out, about 30 percent of China's search engine market will be hotly contested. Currently, the first position in the China market is occupied by a local service While the search engine service made Microsoft Bing earned only a small part of that market.

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