Monday, January 18, 2010

Fujitsu Provide Latest Primergy Servers

Fujitsu announced the availability of two types of mono-socket server is a new generation multi-purpose architecture that utilizes the latest Intel Xeon technology superiority and 3400 dual core 32nm processors.

Both servers are Primergy TX150 tower type S7 and the Primergy RX100 rack type S6 is included in the family mono-socket servers. Tower and rack servers that complement the new line of dual-socket server that Fujitsu has launched in end 2009.

Both servers are based on industry standards developed at the same time so easily as a multipurpose server solutions. Characteristics are appropriate for customers who require cost effective solutions to optimize IT infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

Both lines are applying the latest high-level modular system that can provide a superior combination of performance, ideally used as multipurpose servers for small businesses and medium enterprises and infrastructure for running non mission-critical.

"Primergy servers to our new generation flexible offers advanced server technology with affordable price, giving performance, reliability and top ability for customers who take price," said Motohiko Uno, Head of Regional Business Platform Fujitsu, through his statement, Monday (18 / 1 / 2010).

"The launch of new model lines Primergy product is one of Fujitsu's commitment in implementing the concept on which the Triole research and development of Fujitsu products. Teriole is the foundation of the application of IT to support our business customers with a summon an optimized IT solutions that meet their business needs, "said Kurnia Wahyudi, Country Manager of Platform Products Fujitsu Indonesia.

Fujitsu's focus on improving performance on continuously so that the Primergy line resulted in increased performance and energy efficiency is higher. Similarly Primergy TX150 on S7 and Primergy RX100 S6.

Both new models are reinforced with new processors, second generation (Gen2) PCIE slot and SAS 2.0 interface. Armed with this new architecture, the server is very easy mono expanded up to 32GB of RAM. Tower or rack model is a breakthrough in performance improvement, so that it can support the processing of a database that requires intensive resources, capabilities for this property systems on board.

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