Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China subtle persuasion Google To Hold

baidu, google in china, google attackChina apparently is not willing, if Google really realize his plan to leave from the Bamboo Curtain country. As a result, China was trying to persuade the search engine giant to the attack.

China persuasion this is not shown explicitly. However, implied by the announcement of increasing the number of users in China, which suffered tremendous growth.

Mentioned that internet users in China reached 384 million until the end of 2009. Mobile internet users also increased by 120 million, so the total reached 233 million.

Pointed out through this announcement, China wants to give the lure of the big internet users, so Google still survive in China.

Another effort made to persuade China Google is to issue a statement through the official news agency, Xinhua, that the largest web portal in China, Baidu cyber attack.

This statement seemed to confirm that not only Google was the target of the virtual dedemit, but also rival, Baidu.

Google to escape the threat from China is starting from the break-Gmail accounts that aims to track the movement aktivitis human rights around the world who use e-mail service Google. China accused of being behind these attacks.

Not this time, only Google's relationship with China is less harmonious. China has criticized Google for free porn traffic on his website.

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