Saturday, January 2, 2010

Apple Tablet Can Play 3D games

Although not officially released yet, but the speculation about the design, features and certainty Apple release tablets keep coming.

Latest speculation comes from the former President of Google China Kai-Fu Lee. Like most analysts predicted, Lee also mentioned that the Apple tablet will most likely be launched in mid-January 2010.

Interestingly, Lee added the prediction that the Apple tablet will have a three-dimensional graphics capabilities (3D). Furthermore, Lee said that the first release of Apple boss Steve Jobs will be poured approximately 10 million units Apple tablet.

"Apple may produce nearly 10 million units of Apple tablet in the first year 2010. Tablet Apple has a similar view with the iPhone but with a larger size," said Lee.

"The device touch screen measuring 10.1 inches will be equipped with virtual keyboard and supports video conferencing and eBooks," he added.

When asked what price range are possible for a device like that, Lee estimates Apple will membanderol tabletnya for USD1000.

Lee had worked at Apple a few years ago and left the ranks of Google China officials in mid-2009. Increasingly brisk commentary rumors related to the emergence of the Apple tablet.

Various speculations about Apple's growing supertipis tablets multiplied, since the blog that posted the Financial Times last week to include sources that mention Apple will introduce its newest product in Apple's celebration in San Francisco, 26 January.

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