Saturday, January 2, 2010

ICD-SX, Newest Sony Voice Recorder

Sony presents new voice recorder. Recorder ICD-SX series showcases a variety of color options, a good recording quality and capacity of storing up to 8 GB.

In addition, this series is also integrated with the new Cut Noise function effectively able to minimize the noise of small and large, so getting quality audio playback clearer. This series is available in various colors that fit perfectly with the laptop and the VAIO CS series Z perfectly.

"Sony continues to enhance the sound recording capabilities. With the advent of the SX series features noise-sensitivity, capable of improving the quality of recording so that it is more sharp, realistic and natural," said Kazuo Sawachi GM Marketing Division Head of PT Sony Indonesia, through its official description, Saturday (2/1/2010).

New SX series is used to record interviews, meetings and live television coverage, this series has a quality record in Linear PCM (44.1kHz/16bit) or Stereo MP3 format.

SX Series is also equipped with three uni-directional microphone, thus increasing the sensitivity of the microphone. Uni-directional microphone also reduces noise in the room significantly, and can accurately capture recordings from all directions.

In addition SX series also shows the function of the new Cut Noise, which can reduce the low and high frequency of the noise caused by electronic equipment such as projectors, and make it easier to hear the human voice during playback.

In addition to functioning as an MP3 player and WMA formats, such SX series multifunction also provides the option to record in MP3 stereo, facilitate the process of changing files when transferred to a computer. SX series is designed for business use, also has a microphone recorder external device that allows users to record the interview or conference call by telephone.

Users can record with five settings such as dictation, meetings, sensitive, music and manual, making it easier for them to record music with optimal quality.

SX series has a charming design with a glossy finish. This series has a larger capacity than the previous series, namely the capacity of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB, which can store music, clips, interviews and performance more tracks. Battery life on the SX series is also able to survive up to 19 hours.

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