Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twitter Enjoying the Benefits

Slowly but surely, Twitter started to silence his critics, who judge that a business model that makes Twitter can not gave profits. Currently, the service is admitted microblogging already started producing.

Profit itself, managed to get Twitter when they collaborate with the Google search engine and Bing. In the deal, Twitter content can be searched by the search engine.

From the results of cooperation, services founded Biz Stone has pocketed funds of $ 25 million, with details of Microsoft's 10 million and 15 million from Google. So who preached Bussines Week, Thursday (24/12/2009).

However, Twitter to keep playing the way to generate large profits. Because after all, by relying on just the content agreement, which would generate meager profits.

Therefore, a strategy with the Twitter charge for commercial accounts. The reason this method can entertprise targeting segments, which can be done by the company's relationship with its customers. Another way is by advertising.

The plan of this strategy will begin to be intensified in 2010. Unknown yet which method would be first Twitter. (techno.okezone)

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