Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disney and Facebook

The eyes of Walt Disney, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Facebook Sheryl Sandberg has its own allure. It then makes a giant in the entertainment industry Sandberg proposes to enter the ranks of Disney officials.

Quite a lot of Disney shareholders who cast their vote for the nomination Sandberg. The plan, election 12 candidates Sandberg and other Disney officials will be held at the Disney company's annual meeting held in San Antonio, Texas on March 10, 2010.

"Sandberg was in the forefront of technological revolutions. It opens up new possibilities for consumers and could give a big influence on how we run this business," said Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger was quoted as saying by Reuters on Thursday (24/12/2009) .

"He has a unique perspective and born with a great experience. This can be considered very good for Disney shareholders," Iger added.

Sandberg has served as COO of Facebook since March 2008. 40-year-old woman was previously worked at Google, as Vice President of global operations and sales.

Experience mother of two children this was no doubt, he also recorded once worked at the U.S. Treasury Department and the World Bank. Currently, in addition to serving as COO of Facebook, Sandberg became the director of the international coffee shop, Starbucks.

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