Friday, December 25, 2009

Reduce Environmental Damage by Wall Magazine Online

To bring young people are more concerned with the environment, Climate Change Center (C3) held a contest online Mading. This activity was followed by 16 high school and vocational throughout West Java Indonesia.

The event is titled "Paperless Generation (PAGE) # 2 'This is part of West Java Friends Youth Climate raised by C3 in the form of campaign activities using online media as a medium of information and communication environment-friendly.

Activities supported by Telkom Speedy will last for a month. Each school was represented by a team consisting of at least 2 people to create and manage Wall Magezine online. A beginning of a series of activities, workshops Wall Magezine online was held at the Palace Foodpoint BEC, Purnawarman 13-15 street.

"Why wall magezine because we want to synergize the activities of the theme with the students. Because now the environment has become a local content in each school. And it was declared by the governor of West Java," said Tri Yunia Metia, Program Manager 'Paperless Generation # 2' now talked with detikINET on the sidelines of the event, Thursday (24/12/2009) afternoon.

Tri, thus this veiled woman nicknamed, adding that environmental issues raised by them because of concerns over increasingly degradasinya environmental quality, and technological development is believed to have contributed in this condition.

"We use technology to create an environment that is more concerned of the environment. We want them to contribute to the improvement of environmental quality. Yes with our technology, try reducing the impact," said the woman was a graduate of ITB.

Until the end of the competition, participants will get assistance from Bandung Blog Village (BBV) is joined to support the event.

Pasara participants, among other activities SMAN 2 Bandung, SMAN Cibeber, SMAN 9 Bandung, SMK 3 Cimahi, SMAN 16 Bandung, SMAN 3 Sukabumi, SMK 1 Losarang, SMAN 1 Garut, SMK 3 BALEENDAH, SMAN 13 Bandung, SMAN 1 Banjar, SMA Kemah Indonesia, SMAN 1 Bekasi, Merdeka SMK, SMK 12 Bandung, and SMAN Cimahi. (detikinet)

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Nevada real estate career on April 10, 2010 at 3:04 PM said...

Environmental campaigns similar to this are being promoted globally. School children are given opportunities to participate for this increase their level of awareness and environmental knowledge. I see this as one of the smartest moves ever implemented by the government. The young ones, after all, are the future generation.

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