Friday, December 25, 2009

Apply Fujitsu Triole Strategy

Fujitsu Triole strategy on Primergy server line to answer the demands of the continuity of business operations, the speed in answering the business dynamics and high utilization efficiency.

Kurnia Wahyudi, Country Manager of Platform Products Fujitsu Indonesia explained, Triole is the core of Fujitsu's strategy to develop and assemble the entire portfolio of products and services information technology (IT) so that optimal in meeting customer needs.

Triole is the concept of integration of IT infrastructure in the future that combines the open standards servers, storage and networking. Triole Vision is part of a long-term strategy of business critical computing from Fujitsu.

"We believe the concept Triole IT industry in the future, through standardization of processes and devices that can ensure and maximize the quality and efficiency of each application of IT infrastructure. That would answer the needs of customers who need IT infrastructure systems that can achieve reliability goals, the speed and efficiency in its use, "he said in a written statement received ITGazine, Friday (25/12/2009).

Triole is claimed to be the point of distinguishing between Primergy server product line with its competitors, who generally still use the traditional approach to IT solutions that can only answer two of the three goals.

Until now, IT products that can meet the three objectives at once considered Fujitsu mainframe products are always expensive and closed (not flexible). But through this Triole concept, Fujitsu Primergy servers admitted making and other IT products as well as open-systems from a mainframe system (mission critical systems) that are reliable with all its components are well integrated.

"Virtualization and automation are the IT initiatives are encouraged, but Fujitsu has a unique way to integrate these systems," said Kurnia. "The uniqueness of the integration process is the application of technologies that enable inter-standard open system can connect seamlessly," he concluded. (detikInet)

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cash for houses on March 24, 2010 at 10:34 PM said...

Triole is unique to Fujitsu and has been in use for several years in in Japan...It optimizes today's fast changing business environment...In order for a business to compete and succeed it needs an IT that is efficient,with continuity and agility.

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