Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Official MySpace Buy imeem USD1 Million

Social networking site MySpace has managed to seduce the owner imeem music streaming site worth $ 1 million. This step is one strategy of increasing the number of MySpace users.

In a blog posting on MySpace, Wednesday (9/12/2009), MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta said the deal would allow imeem to integrate music services on the MySpace site.

According to Van Natta, one of the shortcomings have MySpace is not the music streaming technology on mobile phones. With the merger imeem, these deficiencies have helped. imeem can strengthen streaming music application on the phone, either on the iPhone, and Google's Android-based phone.

"Within the next few weeks, we will seek an integrated imeem music on MySpace. It is expected that 16 million mobile phone users on imeem will move to a MySpace music," said Van Natta.

MySpace price for this purchase is approximately $ 1 million. This amount is at once an indication of how difficult it is free music business in cyberspace.

In May, Warner Music has pulled its investment in imeem is worth USD16 million. In fact, they are also released $ 4 million worth of royalties should be paid imeem.

Warner, EMI, Universal Music, and Sony Music are a number of music labels that participate in venture coin on MySpace. (

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