Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be a Real Facebooker and Blogger

If the number of companies and agencies prohibit the use of Facebook and other friendship sites at work, not so with Australia. The government in this country precisely Kangaroo actively encourage staff in cyberspace. What article?

State Government in this Kangaroo actively encourage their employees to the world of virtual friends, like on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The reason to remove the wall between the government and the general public.

Virtual world is believed the Australian government can be a bridge between aspects of their country. Furthermore, not only looking at social networking as mere entertainment, the Australian government saw the opportunity of such sites as a place to discuss ideas and get feedback.

In addition to on Facebook, each public institution of government is expected to be more familiar with other popular sites like Wikipedia and the free site video site YouTube. For business blogs, the government saw this service as a container for the public to comment on channel for their policies.

"Access to networks such as email and short messages are powerful opportunities to work together, especially when the parties to work with physically separated. So is Twitter, Facebook, and blogs helped provide access to important information and open communication , "so some statements in the draft Australian government arranged and quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (9/12/2009). (detikinet)

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Bekasi Peduli AIDS on December 10, 2009 at 10:34 PM said...

wow. .. really interesting
if the government in my country do the same with the state governments in Australia, I would be very proud of.

thank you for this info

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