Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Digital Wallet iWallet Fingerprint Detection Ability

Being in the crowd, sometimes can be a thing that is not safe. So many people passing by, so that could be a motive for the crime. For example, if we are in a crowded passenger bus, if we are not careful, it could happen stolen. This is a very vulnerable place, so no action needed to avoid preventative avoid.

One of them might be able to use a digital wallet iWallet. This is not unusual because iWallet wallet is a wallet that can store cash and credit cards and so very safe.

iWallet is made of fiber glass. In addition it is equipped with a biometric that can read fingerprints, which means that only you alone can open the wallet.

Digital wallet is already fully supports Bluetooth and can connect to the phone. Which means if there stolen, you can detect a cell phone iWallet which is between 5-10 meters, if was distance more than that the alarm on your phone will ring.

Wallets are available with a variety of color choices. To have it you must reach the pockets of about 299 USD or around 3 million rupiah. As for models Carbon Fiber and Kevler prices by price range, or about 599.95 USD 6 million rupiah. Hmmm, not really expensive enough for the size of a wallet, but it is better purse even more valuable than his wallet.

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