Friday, December 11, 2009

Hitler Military recordings on the Internet

Want to look the way of life Adolf Hitler during military duty during World War I? Military records are now presented on a site.

Sites that presents the address at the recording Recordings on this site tells the life of 1.5 million soldiers Bavarian Regiment, including the story of Adolf Hitler, German dictator who was so popular.

It is said that Hitler as a corporal Maid grenade had hit in October 1916, then he had rushed to the hospital after a gas attack at La Montagne in 1918. Hitler also had a Iron Cross decoration.

"The German citizen is more open to the idea of exploring military history --- especially during World War I - no matter on which side of our ancestors fought, we have the opportunity to remember them," said Dan Jones, International Content Director.

"In the past, Germany has been exploring the world, and we hope this record will be something that appeals to many people and many countries," he added.

However, to be able to access this site, visitors must pay a 10.95 pound sterling, or approximately USD 168 thousand per month or 83.40 Pounds Sterling (approximately USD 1.2 million) for the membership for a year. (detikinet)

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