Friday, December 11, 2009

Google Place Underwater Cable

Google with a consortium including Japanese telecommunications company KDDI announced it would pull fiber optic cable under the new sea.

Cost $ 400 million, with a capacity of up to 17 Tbps cable. Even the cable can be upgraded to 32 Tbps. Cable will be held to Japan and Southeast Asia will be online in 2012.

Other companies involved such as Globe Telecom and Bharti Airtel units and Reliance Communication.
Cable length reaches 5150 miles, linking Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippine and Japanese.

FOR cable speed of Google's much faster than th
Terbitkan Entri
e Trans Pacific cable linking mainland China and Taiwan that directly connects to the network backbone in the U.S.. FOR cable from Google and the consortium will be able to help connect to the Internet in Asia's famous slow.

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