Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Testing Capture Services Searching With GPS

Google had just tested its new application called Google Goggles. This application is a form of visual search service that makes typing activity to look 'ancient'.

Applications are launched on Google Labs - a special site to test Google products before it is thrown into the market - this offers a unique experience to Android phone users. That is the only aim the camera to an object, then the more detailed information on the subject can be found.

Books, tourist attractions, to the famous painting, even a company logo can be identified by this application. This application works by comparing the elements of photographs taken by Google's own database that can produce relevant information.

Google can identify the location in question through its GPS software and a digital compass which has invested in mobile phones that run the Android operating system. As for text, Google Goggles use optical character recognition (OCR) to read the subject in the form of logos and labels.

This application is intended for Android, but it seemed to him to be available for other operating systems.

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