Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NSN Launches Transport Solutions Optimal IP Based

New optical platform that is more compact than the Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) allows telecom operators to migrate from the old transportation network to IP Optimized Transport Solution (IP-OTS) in dealing with data growth continues.

"Economic value of pure IP networks can not be increased without IP-based transport solution is optimal," said Head of NSN Next Generation Metro Lavanti Mikko Business Line.

"Through this solution, called the new 7065 hit, existing infrastructure can be optimized and enables operators to increase sales through the addition of data services just like IPTV, Video on Demand or VPN," he explained.

Through its official statement on Monday (7/12/2009) NSN mention, is the 7065 hit-tested investment for future use, especially for applications-oriented packages and support services based on existing circuits.

7065 hits were present with a very compact design, specifically the size of a powerful file server. Power consumption is very efficient because 30 percent less than comparable solutions available on the market.

With the ability connectivity, 7065 hits most suitable for the deployment of metro aggregation and core. G.709 Conformity with various applications to support packet-oriented transport agnostic who is open to all services such as Gigabit-Ethernet, IP-based applications, Fiber Channel and SDH / SONET.

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