Sunday, December 20, 2009

Google Plan Buy Local Sites

Google is currently in intensive discussions with the owner of Yelp, a business review website based in San Francisco. Internet giant's intention for Yelp proposed $ 500 million.

These rumors came along with Google amid growing expanded to various local companies. Since August, at least there were five companies that Google acquired. Such information is quoted from Reuters, Sunday (20/12/2009).

Mentioned Yelp can help Google has obtained many advantages of the local advertising market. By purchasing Yelp, Google will have one of the popular sites that store various information medium businesses, places of lodging, restaurants, and more than eight million business reviews posted Yelp users.

This will provide added value to Google in persuading local businesses to switch advertise on its Web site.

"The local advertising market is a market that can generate multi-billion dollar profits," said analyst from Needham & Co. Mark May.

However, a spokesman Yelp not want to explain in detail about the cooperation with Google. Yelp spokeswoman said it was only intense plan discuss cooperation with any company, and want to increase their investments.

In line with Yelp, a Google spokesperson would not comment any further about this speculation. They just mentioned, Yelp acquisition had spoken since a few years ago, but until now have not found a deal. (okezone)

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