Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copyright violate, Google Fined USD 430 Thousand

The court in Paris ordered the internet giant Google to pay a fine of USD430.000 because of copyright infringement has one of the publishers in France.

Based on information from the Wall Street Journal, Sunday (20/12/2009), Google should pay USD14.000 every day, the content of the publisher's books are published online by Google.

The publisher, La Martiniere, Le Seuil sue Google because it has scanned some of his own content and publish it on Google Books. This was considered as a violation of copyright in the content of La Martuniere-Le Seuil.

Still based on the testimony cited by the Wall Street Journal, Google has scanned 100,000 French paper in his database. Approximately 80 percent of the paper is still under copyright.

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