Sunday, December 20, 2009

iPhone and the BlackBerry Made New Achievements

Two mobile belle of the smartphone segment, the BlackBerry and the iPhone still flying the glory. This was the achievement that won the Apple-made phone, and RIM.

RIM carve out the best sales record in quarter four BlackBerry ended November 28, in which 10 million BlackBerry units sold out. While profit 59 percent higher than the third quarter, also exceeding predictions.

Another thing to note is that 80 percent of RIM's new subscribers came from non-corporate sector. This is a sign of RIM's managed to attract the general consumer interest, although the BlackBerry main target corporate market.

In comparison, Apple sold 7.4 million units of iPhones in the quarter period that ended in late September 2009.

While the iPhone is reported to have successfully 'invaded' Japan. In a country filled with sophisticated handsets, the iPhone is now reaching 46 percent of smartphone market share according to a report from admob institutions.

Version iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, defeated the Japanese ideal smartphone before the Advanced W-ZERO3, made by Sharp which fell to third position. While the highest position in Japan represented BlackBerry Bold, which sits at number 11.

And not only in Japan, a position also continued strong iPhone in countries such as France, Australia, China and Germany.

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