Thursday, December 24, 2009

From 1 January 2010, Will Use Credit Card Chip

Bank Indonesia announced, starting next month no longer use term credit card. The reason is, all credit cards are no longer using magnetic stripe technology or magnetic strip.

"Everyone would chip technology," said Aribowo, Tuesday (22/12/2009) at his office, Building BI.

This chip technology, said Aribowo, making the old habits of credit card swipe will be lost. Because, with chip technology, the credit card must be included in such a way on a special machine called the chip identification reader electronic data capture (EDC).

According to Aribowo, one credit card application purpose chip technology is to prevent tampering and counterfeiting alias card fraud. "This technology can reduce the occurrence of fraud on credit card transactions," he said.

Earlier, Chairman of Indonesian Credit Card Association (Akki) Muhammad Helmi argues, people will warmly welcome this innovation. "In the end, there was no fraud credit card transactions," he said.

However, Helmi added, application fraud is still going to be homework BI and credit card issuers. One reason is the falsification of identity. "The solution is strengthening and improving the database where the ID card system can no longer be forged or ownership of more than one identity card," added Helmi. (kompas)

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