Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disappointed, Nokia Close Stores in London

Nokia plans to close one of its biggest store in Regent Street, London, England, as handset sales in the store failed.

Stores that opened two years ago that will soon be closed in the first quarter of next year. In the UK, Nokia has seven other stores scattered in cities nesar. Even so, it seems the most popular mobile phone vendor in the world is fed up plans to open a store in London.

"Nokia crystallizes sales strategy with the intention of improving operational efficiency retail network. This requires a change in the retail network," said Nokia spokesman was quoted as saying from Mobile Today, Sunday (6/12/2009).

As a result of the closure plan, 30 employees of Nokia the consultation phase to be transferred to other Nokia stores.

This is the second attempt is made Nokia to operate retail stores in Regent Street, with smaller stores operated franshise elsewhere in the surrounding area several years ago.

Not only Nokia is doing the closing shops in London. Last year, the other phone vendor Sony Ericsson is also closing one of their retail stores in the UK after the store failed to turn a profit. Shop based in the Kensington area fared the same as the Nokia store. Since opening in 2006, stores owned by Sony Ericsson was only able to survive two years and finally closed.

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