Sunday, December 6, 2009

World's Most Expensive iPod for Sale USD 233,000

iPod Supreme is a special version of the iPod Touch, a digital music player Apple. Special indeed, because the Supreme as the iPod Touch claimed the world's most expensive, with price of U.S. $ 233,000.

Supreme iPod was designed by Katherine Hughes, the wife of the British designer, Stuart Hughes, who some time ago also released the most expensive iPhone. There are only three course, the iPod line of Supreme decorated all body over expensive jewelry.

Supreme iPod casing is made of 22 carat gold, while the Apple logo studded with glittering diamonds. Quoted from UberGizmo, Sunday (6/12/2009), the edge of the iPod is also a special 300 grain diamonds.

Not just only that, the main navigation buttons on this popular gadget is also planted with a grain of pink diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. With the official price exorbitant price, obviously it is only the affluent can afford an iPod Supreme.

Stuart Hughes is known as a designer of luxury gadgets. Dress the various types of company mobile phones with jewelry and exclusive designs, so the price is so much higher than the original.

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