Sunday, November 22, 2009

Start Up Chrome Computer less then 7 Minutes

Google claims their new software can make computers do start up as soon as turned on the television.

Internet giant Google's first time presenting Chrome operating system four months after announcing its intention to develop a major software on the computer. This step is part of Google's effort to compete with Microsoft and Apple.

Because basically Google is a player in the world of the Internet, it is understandable if the software is more like Google Chrome web browser instead of a computer operating system like Microsoft Windows. This is Google's ambitions to drive users to their website.

Google says, this software will be present at the cheap netbook device in accordance with Google's hardware specs on the 2010 holiday season. This Chrome-based netbook will only be running a web application. While the user data is automatically stored on Google's web-called cloud of Internet servers.

"Basically, this is a machine for browsing the web," said Vice President of Product Management Chrome Google's Sundar Pichai, as quoted by Reuters on Sunday (22/11/2009).

Pichai also mentioned that Chrome-based computer can turn on or do start-up less than seven seconds. With so users do not have to wait a long time computer switched on.

"With Chrome, pressing the boot when the computer turned on just as fast when you turn on the television. When lit, you immediately get into the web and can use these applications," Pichai said. (okezone)

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