Sunday, November 22, 2009

chips into the human brain

Intel rumored to be seeking to manufacture the chip can maximize brain function and relate them to the virtual world.

Implantation of chips into the human brain is indirectly allows the brain to function like a mouse that can control the computer, television or phone. Currently Intel is still looking for ways to make the chip able to read the brain waves of movements.

Remarkably, many volunteers who reportedly had been willing to be 'guinea pigs' to test the ability of the chip in the brain to control movement of the computer.

DilansirThe Inquirer, Saturday (21/11/2009), this idea is the brainchild Dean Pomerleau, Intel officials responsible for the affairs of neuroscience, machine understanding, computer vision, robotics, human connectedness and the engine, the brain to process semantic information, and brain scanning technologies such as fMRI, MEG, EEG, and ECoG. Himself and colleagues from Chipzilla company is currently seeking to know the working mechanism of brain waves.

Pomerleau sure will be many more citizens of the world who want their brain implantation. "Imagine when you were able to surf the internet through your brain. And it has all the information you want in the brain," he said.

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Marina Del Rey real estate on March 24, 2010 at 9:36 PM said...

Chips into the human brain? I do not agree with that. When you put something inside the body, it is considered as foreign body...It could affect the normal functions of the cell as well as tissues and organs of the body...We are humans not robots...I think this would be a big issue when materialized.

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