Saturday, October 3, 2009

Digicam and Video Camera Latest from Genius

Taipei, Taiwan - Genius launched three new products for digital imaging category, the digital camera G-Shot D612 and camcorders G-Shot DV1110 and the G-Shot DV611.

G-Shot D612 Digital Camera: Take high quality pics up to 12 mega pixels

Image For those of you who have a limited budget but still want to buy a camera that has a maximum function, Genius G-Shot DV612 is a solution for you.

The design is sleek and small, so easy to carry wherever you go, digital camera also comes with 4x digital zoom and CMOS sensor for 3.0 mega-pixel (effective) that can be interpolasikan reach 12 mega pixels.

G-Shot DV612 other than as a digital camera, this tool you can also use as a video recording which is equipped with a voice that has a built-in microphone. The number of images and videos you take is determined by the amount you are using SD, and with 1.5 "TFT LCD then your fun in taking pictures and video will increase.

G-Shot DV1110: 7-in-1 11 Mega pixels DV Portable Media Player

Image For those of you who plan to change the digital video camera is now owned by a more sophisticated still have limited funds, the Genius returned products are guaranteed to meet your needs.

G-Shot DV1110 is a Digital Video Camera that has a variety of functions at affordable prices. Genius Products is equipped with various functions Portable Media Player (PMP) such as: Digital Video Camera, TV / Video Recording and Playback, 11 MP Digital Still Camera, USB 2.0 Web Cam, Digital Voice Recorder, MP3 Player and Mass Storage Device. These functions make DV Portable Media Player which can be very powerful.

Another advantage is interesting DV1110 is equipped with a display screen of 2.5 "which gives special comfort for its users in view of photos / videos that have been taken and the results recorded TV / your favorite videos. Of course, these recordings can be produced by using AV-in function on the PC DV1110 without assistance. MP4-owned technology also makes users free of image recording quickly without worrying about memory management. With MP4, 1 GB SD card can be used to record for about three hours.

G-Shot DV611: Six-in-One MPEG 4 DV with Remote Control

Image G-Shot DV611 is the latest innovation from Genius, a Digital Video Camera which has many powerful functions with the selling price less than two million dollars.

™ G-Shot DV611 a Digital Video Camera with a small size with a variety of functions. This camera can be used as a Digital Video Camera, Digital Still Camera, USB 2.0 Webcam, Digital Voice Recorder, MP3 Player and Mass Storage device. This tool comes with a remote control so that users can record videos or take photographs himself enough by pressing the remote button is then ™ G-Shot DV611 with 3.0 MP CMOS sensor 8x digital zoom and it will record your images without the need to help others.
G-Shot DV611 ™ also uses MPEG4 technology which can produce high-quality video with smaller file sizes. If using the internal memory of 32MB and an additional 512MB SD memory card, DV611 can be used to record video more than sixty minutes. (

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