Saturday, October 3, 2009

PlayStation 4 with Design Touchscreen Buttons

Here's the latest draft of the PlayStation game console that will be present in the market as a powerful competitor. This latest game console brings touchscreen technology and is packaged with a transparent body design.

As a leading manufacturer of graphics games console from Japan has been known since the 1990s. First product launched in Japan in 1994 to make their own changes to the game console in the world. The technology packed into the game console is spelled out very reliable and satisfactory for its customers.

PlayStation, this is a name familiar to the game console business. As world events and the world of technology in the field of play or games, PlayStation games consoles always develop the output. Until now, the PlayStation had recorded several generations until generation PlayStation 3.

Recently, even the latest generation of the PlayStation 3 already launched into the market and recorded sales sold. It is the latest generation PlayStation 3 Slim and brought more lean body size and the price was cheaper than the previous generation. Bid price is cheaper, still does not reduce the quality and performance ditamilkan by the game console.

Although the PlayStation has just launched the latest generation game console PlayStation 3 Slim, now the PlayStation has begun leaking latest design concepts for next-generation PlayStation.

The latest generation of game consoles was named the PlayStation 4. This design concept by Tai Cheim done that emphasizes the touchscreen technology. If reviewed and noted from his stick drawings, there are several keys that are intentionally provided as a touchscreen keypad. In addition, the design of the PlayStation 4 carrying a transparent body. So the design of the PlayStation 4 displayed more stylish and elegant looks.

But unfortunately, so far there has been no official explanation when the PlayStation 4 will be launched to the market. In addition, detailed specifications have not offered any further unknown. In essence, to be prepared to wait for gamers presence PlayStation 4 more great, cool and fun. (

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