Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Dell Smartphone

Dell decided to launch its first smartphone in India. There was no word late. This has become an inspiration Dell to launch its first smartphone in India to anticipate the emergence of an HP-Palm will soon no longer glide. India itself has been hailed as the country with the second-largest mobile phone growth in the world.

"We will launch our first smart phone in India in the year. In addition we will also launch the smartphone in China to add our portfolio of before," said division president of consumer and the SMB Dell Steve Felice.

According to data from IDC India, mobile phone sales have been far overstep personal computer sales. No wonder if Dell chose India as the location for the launch of its first smartphone. For every one PCs sold in India comparable to the 80 mobile units sold. At least, that IDC estimates released in late 2009.

Plus, the Indian government has approved the auction of 3G bandwidth so that the possibility of this service could be launched in September. It is also expected to increase demand for data services on smartphones.

IDC's data end in 2009, the Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia still has the largest market share in India to reach 54 percent. This position was followed by Samsung with a share that far behind, only approximately 9.7 percent. While LG was in the next position with market share of 6.4 percent.

Although no estimates issued by IDC for the smartphone market share in India, but India has to know what's true smart phone. Unfortunately, the introduction of the smart phone in India begins with the existence of China-made mobile phones that copy the design well-known brands, both Nokia, Blackberry or iPhone. Predicted, China's rampant plagiarism mobile smartphone market will destroy Dell, HP, including Nokia, Blackberry and iPhone.

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