Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Apple iPhone 4G in China

If the iPhone four huge success in Japan and the United States, it is not a country like China. Because in these countries, Apple should bite the fingers to see results that smart phone sales.

According to a report iPhone sales of 4 only able to reach 100 thousand units. This is of course far from complete, because Apple already took the operator China Unicom subscribers who have up to 144 million people.

Less good is the iPhone sales in the country with the fourth largest in the world population is expected due to price too expensive. As a comparison in the U.S. the iPhone is sold at USD 199 to USD 299, then in China, the price can jump to USD730 to USD 1020.

4 Reasons the iPhone because of weak sales, Apple had to compete with phone iPhone four artificial increasingly rampant in China.

Many consumers in these countries are attracted to buy the iPhone clone because, the price is much cheaper than the original iPhone.

Apple itself claims to have managed to sell approximately 1.7 million units worldwide iPhone 4. This makes the launch of the iPhone as the most successful fourth.

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