Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IBM Scientists create sand-sized globes

Globe map showing countries around the world in three-dimensional shapes are generally the size of a football, can be larger or slightly smaller. However, imagine a globe that only the size of a grain of sand.

It is not impossible for a scientist at IBM's research center managed to create it. Super tiny globe's size exactly 0.3 millimeters in diameter. To draw the world map used in surface etching techniques (carving) in the microscopic scale of nanometers.

"Progress in nanotechnology is very closely related to the methods and tools to produce nanometer-sized shapes and create objects on the surface in a high quality," says physicist named Dr. Armin Knoll from IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland.

Engraving tool only has a blade size of 500 nanometers as used in electron microscopy. World of his own balls made of glass molecules. While the materials used to draw maps of various types of polymer which is a material called polyphtalalehyde IBM researcher Hiroshi Ito's findings in the 1980s. To produce a perfect globe about the size of sand grains that spent time 2 minutes 23 seconds.

It looks fun, but experiments conducted Knoll is very important in the development of technology. Same technique may someday be very useful in designing chips and researches in the field of medicine until the optics.

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