Monday, March 15, 2010

Social Media Viruses

If you are a heavy social media user, you may have several different accounts, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace and so on. Then, you may have heard of these general social media has been the main objective of several new variants of online viruses. Was originally discovered in December two years ago, a virus known as Koobface hit Twitter and other social media in mid last year. When a computer from viruses, it will allow the computer useless, it would deceive the computer to not recognize their own documents. The virus is not just to deceive the computer's registry, but will also try to collect the important security information, such as credit card information. Who knows what can be done to your credit card information?

It has been reported, Koobface virus, the use of a wide range of search, video and important news and information in order to attract viewers. Internet users may not realize they are downloading viruses, click the popular breaking news. In addition, they spread the virus to download their own computers, users indirect transfer of the virus in their list of Facebook friends. In the Koobface manufacturer's code to frequent changes, many anti-virus software can not detect the virus. Because sometimes anti-virus software can not detect and protect computers from these viruses, the best man who is a heavy Internet users have employed professional computer repair and support provider. A good computer repair and support provider They are known to several of the risk of competition for Internet viruses, other anti-virus software can not destroyed. You may try to access their website, if you encounter any problems with your computer.

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Summerlin homes on March 24, 2010 at 4:00 AM said...

We can't deny it. Social Media is the target of new viruses nowadays because of the vastly growing number of Social Media users. I think even little children have facebooks, twitters, myspace, etc. By the growing number of social media users, the greater the chance to spread the virus. In order to fight these viruses, keep your antivirus or any security tool updated.

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