Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pre Order iPad crowded, so the Apple Site Down?

ipad preorderPre-orders ahead of the iPad will be opened at 5:30 AM San Francisco time, (or approximately at 21.00 pm), the Apple Store could not even accessible.

Disambang Friday (12/3/2010), at 19:00, the official site was selling Apple products give notification that the Apple Store is doing updates.

"We'll be back soon. We are currently updating the Apple Store and will return shortly," wrote the notification.

Unknown cause of 'death' of this AppleStore access. Reporting via Gizmodo, Friday (12/3/2010), most likely, Apple really was adjusted to be able to serve AppleStore number of incoming traffic during the pre-orders, which will last two hours. Extreme possibility is that loading time speeding iPad pre-orders in two hours earlier than specified so that traffic entering the network to meet cause AppleStore and down.

Previously, Apple is rumored to be opening a pre-order the new device Steve Jobs created a unique blend of sophistication of a laptop with a smartphone, iPad.

Unfortunately, these pre-orders will only apply to some countries in Europe and America. Even the model only had wifi iPad will be available for pre-order. Meanwhile, 3G version of the iPad will launch in April.

iPad was priced wifi will differ according to the embedded memory capacity. For a 16GB valued USD499, 32 GB worth approximately USD599 and USD699 for the 64GB capacity.

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