Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sandra Bullock Marriage Trouble

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James may have marriage troubles, rumors of scandals and a woman, Michelle "blockbuster," Mackey, tattoo patterns, Japanese attack on the Internet.

"Blockbuster," McGee said, she and Jesse James had a 11-month thing, began to Facebook, the rapidly developing into the nature of things.

Sandra Bullock must seize the wind of the scandal before the hit the net, as she hightailed out, she and Jesse James's home on Monday. Bullock also canceled a European tour of London premiere of the visually-impaired, the film, she won the Oscar.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James met in 2004, when Bullock was visiting the West Coast motorcycle garage. The couple married the following year.

Prove that Jesse James indeed may be guilty of disloyalty? It's possible. But like I said before, I hope this is nonsense, because really, I like these two. I think that Jesse James is such a love and Sandra! If he deceived her for so long, it just makes me sad for her. We all thought they were the real thing.

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