Thursday, March 18, 2010

Effigy ; Rock, Alternative, Metal

Mr. Smith is an experienced vocal and guitar music performed more than 25 years experience in his belt. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, he moved to North Carolina in 2006 after years in Florida's music scene. Mr. Smith is first expressed in the Raleigh area, as a solo singer with the local great men, such as Larry Woodard, producer and a variety of Raleigh music veterans, has won for itself a fast-growing reputation for a vibrant Performing on stage, range, skills, and no one can compare with diversity. Has been described as 'Steven Tyler met with the text in line with Neil Anthony Kiedis' mixed with his own magnetic field is very consistent style, pulling people from the depths of the club at this stage of the front of each show. He has the ability to switch from rock to metal to country a clear indication of his huge arsenal of musical taste and talents. He was in June 2007, and his personality portrait style, delivery and energy is an important component of response, from the portrait audience.

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