Friday, March 19, 2010

Paula Sladewski

The Playboy model found burning in a Miami Dumpster may have sent a warning message before her death.
Police are investigating a text message Paula Sladewski sent to an ex claiming that her current boyfriend was "trying to kill" her, reports.

Miami police reportedly do not have any suspects but Sladewski's boyfriend, Kevin Klym, is a person of interest.

Klym told police that on the night of Sladewski's death they got into a fight at a Florida nightclub. He had reportedly tried to get Sladewski to leave with him because she was too drunk, but was kicked out of the bar for the altercation. He eventually left without her.

North Miami Police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas told that they have confirmed when and how Klym got home that night.

Sladewski's stepfather, Richard Watkins, has reportedly been talking to his step-daughter's ex-boyfriend since she disappeared. The California man told Watkins he received text messages from Sladewski saying she was afraid of Klym.

“She would text him ‘help me, I’m in trouble, he’s trying to kill me,’” Watkins told

The model's step-dad confirms that Klym and his step-daughter "had a horrible relationship."

He told that the couple of two years argued a lot and that a month ago Klym was arrested after breaking her nose.

Sladewski's charred body was found Sunday in a Miami Dumpster after a passer-by alerted police that a trash bin was on fire. The "Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search" alum was so badly burned that dental records had to be used to identify her.

Police are waiting for the results of Sladewski's autopsy to determine the official cause of death. In the meantime, they are interviewing employees at the nightclub where the LA-based model was last seen alive.

Klym called Sladewski's mother on Monday to say that she had gone missing while the duo were holidaying in Florida.

But according to, Watkins' step-daughter told him she was going to Las Vegas with Klym.

Klym has categorically denied any part in his late girlfriend's disappearance.

Watkins says the model's older sister will be flying from Miami to Michigan with her sister's remains this week.

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