Sunday, February 14, 2010

Punk Somebody on Facebook

I logged on to Facebook the day, see my gentle, Sweden, cousin, "Susan," Who is the architect has completed projects around the world, there is the latest situation, I can not repeat here - for anyone interested in R-propositions of people who happened to be reading her page. About her, this type of message is a real shock.

Then I found out that she had been an Internet cafe, ignoring the log off her computer is in use. Who happens to use the machine, she apparently could not resist the temptation to fill her position with the sex thing.

Along the same lines, another friend's identity often read, "Jennifer has already exhausted her pants," as long as she does not log off the computer with her love for her, but her husband is not very taste.

These are the most basic mask prank known members: ol 'Fill - someone - else's - the status, they are - forget to log off the trick. It often happened, who would not understand the temptation to put some of the choice, in someone else's mouth or break open a healthy dose of playful graffiti on the walls, or innocent?

This is just an odd number of roll up their sleeves to our social network, but. Here are a few people.

(If you are more interested in is to avoid these skills, you are playing than playing them, and our story to avoid the disaster Facebook may provide some help.)
In the hijacking

Your friends think it all for him, right? Well, now it is time to take over his wall, showed that he is not the case. He will soon be just a pawn for a more dynamic interaction between you and his other friend, who you do not know, you get a lively debate in the comment section, his latest situation and nonmutual acquaintance.

First of all, he wrote something innocent, such as "Tom likes Boston." Then his friend Joey, one of the people who use the mask, so that they are also political views, he wrote: "Even a fool in their elected senators ? "You tube" Hey, Joey, no matter who you are. Scott Brown is a better candidate than they are lazy to run inside his opposite. Finally, the blind opening in Massachusetts has a head. "You write not because you truly care about, of course, but because you want to stir up trouble.

Before you know it, Joey returned to you in writing, Tom is impossible to picture - unwittingly participate in their own down the wall would be meaningless political nonsense. (Meanwhile, the bottom right corner is detected, he constantly let him know, and the waves splashed on his comments page, all because he said he likes Boston!)

Of course, it does not become a political confusion, you stay in someone else's wall. Why not ask their friends out of date? "Oh Lara, Samantha. Philippe, so you friends, is not it? Unless he is on your DIB, I would venture to ask you out sometime? I like to see your profile picture, and any friends Phil is one of my friends. "

Join the club ... as a joke. This random guy's birthday party is close to 2000 "to determine the guests," most of them signed up just a joke. The event should be a Playboy some low-key birthday party, thrown a friend. But the virus hoax took off, with the full commitment of strangers from distant Helsinki, in order to celebrate the Tom researchers, most of them even do not know.

Party man-made sources like shelling incident in the inner wall. They exchanged comments over the top excitement caused by the incident, and then follow-up after the party, it is sounds like is totally wild time. "Popular pet, right?" Said a member of Facebook Adrian home from Australia, in the party. "I will not let me feel comfortable with the monkey home alone at night." Another, from the UK, wrote: "Looking it - this is Grandma."

After the event, which pretends to guests (who apparently did not fly half-way nationwide to attend) tells the fictional details, so that the party's sound is simply crazy. "Have you people lost glass eyes it?" A hoax. "Here was the missing goat? Have a in my living room and I do not know how to handle it," they write.

There are a lot of birthday parties, the same extraordinary event is open, so why not continue to freak out crazy RSVPing host or just to provoke a bit confusing?
Merry annotation

Whether it is old, embarrassing yearbook photos and dig your tags or something completely unrelated to the person you tag - a hair gorillas in the zoo, perhaps you marked as hairy friend Ron? - Does not seem to mark the end of the fun in Facebook. Facebook does not really do anything to stop it.

There are countless stories of people shooting a friend's trip to the bathroom a number of clubs drunk, and then posted on Facebook and tag friends. Do not wake up happy when you are hanging over the Internet.

Does your friend, he was sleeping when the flow of saliva? Shoot it with a peak-and post-label volume hours ago, he himself out of bed at 2 pm He will no doubt detag himself, but before most of his friends have seen it.

If you do not despicable enough to tease mark, why not make a good Valentine's Day gestures to find a picture Botticelli's Birth of Venus, and mark your beloved wife's paean to America in the paintings? Who says that can not be romantic mischief? To find an Abercrombie and Fitch model and mark your brother, a little struggle and self-esteem, to show him, or at least his sister that he is a bolt. Reward your husband as their New Year wishes he often marking the gym in the photo Chuck Norris.

We all know that you should not be drunk or scandal after photos on Facebook to prevent future employers to take geese. So make sure to know your target mischievous pranks committed. If they do not remove the gag peak or tags, you have a duty to do so, or at least offer.

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