Saturday, February 13, 2010

iPad Would Gain from a Video Camera

While ipad's noise began to fade, a new rumor pops up to be a dialect of swing. Both analysts suspect Apple may cut ipad the company's price, if the tablet does not sell well beyond theapple ipad's door, or market research shows that consumers really do not want an oversized iPod touch, but the coin ipad no doubt that the company still commands headlines.

Latest bit speculative to reach through cable Brian X. Chen, who reported that Apple has issued a recruitment advertisement in the performance of quality assurance (quality assurance) engineers ipad corporate media sector. The purpose of the advertisement is an engineer with a digital camera (still and video) experience, and work requirements, a strong indication that future generations ipad companies do have a video camera, just like today's iPhone, a MacBook, iMac, and iPod Nanos on to do.

Earlier, a PC world, brothers and sister publication, the United Kingdom Macworld reported that the General Assembly, ipad companies seem to have an open place of the MacBook is very suitable for the camera.
Why is there no camera?

No camera ipad's surprising to high-tech industry watchers, many of whom felt the big flat screen, a number of media tools, and pay close attention to consumers to make it a natural for face-face video chat Skype or similar VoIP service.

This has led to more speculation: is the deliberate omission of a camera, providing a second-generation ipad with Kyrgyzstan, whistling upgrade? Or Apple ditch the camera to reach 499 U.S. dollars an aggressive price point, some scholars suggested.
ipad's Say No 1.0

Whether Apple's reasoning, the camera problem is related to consumers who strongly considering buying a ipad company. Simply put, buyers should avoid the first-generation model - the camera-free device model launched last month - and wait for their camera's successor.

Of course, it is always wise to avoid the first generation of any high-tech tools, but the advice is sage, especially with ipad company. W
CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the company in the ipad.
Ÿ? Because the camera will greatly enhance the capacities ipad companies in its original incarnation, is basically media consumption device families. Its communication tools is limited.

Some blog suggested that, while ipad companies would not be suitable for them may be good (and relatively inexpensive) notebook computers for their pseudo-science and technology of the parents or grandparents. If so, bring the camera.

Video chat is a natural for today's remote home, so leading HDTV manufacturers LG Electronics and Matsushita characteristics of Skype software, video and voice calls, its new Internet-connected TV. These provisions, however, will need additional video hardware, while the handheld ipad companies is a complete video phone solution, especially for Grandpa.

A camera will ipad company more attractive to business users too much, but the device is clearly aimed at consumer market.

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