Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Failure mobile station astronauts fighting deck

Astronauts to propose a new viewing platform to the final destination of the international space station Sunday night, despite the failure to plug bolts and other threats to their work.

3 bolt stuck in a different time, and space for the astronauts tried to move to the final bass viewing platform at the bottom of a new space called the quiet.

After some adjustments, in the control center, the astronauts squeezed in the past only to find another bolt failure. In the petal-shaped capture mechanism to ensure that the viewing platform on the outside of the towering quiet end of the new module is stuck, too.

Defects, but time-consuming, but also the end of a "very sweet victory, said:" The space shuttle flight director Kwatsi Alibaruho.

"It was a hard-won victory, it is certain," he added.

NASA packed with 1.6 tons of window units, attached to the outer end of the station launched a new peace module, which is nearly 24 feet (7 meters) long and the space is about the size of a small bus. The two new additional International Space Station is provided by the NASA space shuttle Endeavor last week.

After the delay, the ground control center issued a new procedure to solve the problem and allow astronauts to pick the look-out dome of the great free use of the international space station robot arm and began to short-term trends.

"And Houston, the good news. We are full," station commander Jeff Williams said after the last patch in place.

In the lookout lookout 0:00 million dome lined with seven windows - including the largest ever space window. Space station astronauts have been eagerly awaiting its arrival, because of its commitment to give them an unprecedented panoramic view the Earth and space.

"This gives us a great view, and in many directions," the pilot of the space shuttle Endeavor Terry Virts explained Sunday to answer questions in the students.

This small delay in the relocation of the room for over an hour. It was finally in the morning and 01 points, 25 points attention to the east, with close attention to the astronauts, a loose wire on the dome, in order to ensure that it does not hinder efforts to reconnect.

Task manager, said bolts may be stuck because the mix of forces to teach the space station's robot arm and the fact that they stepped up more than expected, they were installed back to Earth.

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