Saturday, February 6, 2010

Facebook Prepare Email Service

Facebook was rumored to redesign their messaging products and prepared to launch a service with webmail features intact.

This news comes from people on Facebook who also mentions webmail service launch plan is internally called Project Titan. Email service is expected to be defeated later on Gmail.

Facebook has previously experimented with a variety of development messaging features, one of which is to add search capabilities message. However, this experiment ultimately failed because it was considered not useful to the users.

But this time, through Project Titan, Facebook seems to try to give a true innovation in the messaging service. Source Facebook is even with the most confident mention, Project Titan will make the other webmail service users to switch to this new messaging service. Such information is quoted from Techcrunch, Sunday (7/2/2010).

According to leaks from these sources, webmail Facebook will support the POP / IMAP. This means that users can access the Facebook email accounts using any software. Email account name would be the same as the name of vanity url or the name of the user's Facebook account, which is

Facebook party has not officially announced about this service. No date was not yet sure this service will soon be launched. But clearly, Project Titan was prepared to replace the existing messaging system on Facebook today. (okezone)

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