Friday, February 5, 2010

6th birthday, Design Facebook Changed

Celebrating the anniversary of the sixth, social networking sites Facebook again to make changes. This friendship Service has redesigned the site again. But this time, more emphasis changes to applications, games and search.

In the redesign has been done for the umpteenth time, Facebook has move links and items to the front page of Facebook, with the aim to look more simple navigation. In addition to the game features and applications become more prominent.

Changes intended to be a site for the day to six on Thursday and is, being done in stages, so not all users will see it soon. So that was launched through the AP, Saturday (6/2/2010).

With the recent redesign of this, a link to a friend requests, messages and comments are no longer spread the notification, because now lives in the top right of the page. In addition, users can now see which friends are online without clicking the link. This does not include any friends, only that they often use to communicate.

But, as usual these changes always sparked controversy from residents Facebook numbering more than 400 million people.

Most of them rejected the redesign of their favorite sites. Nevertheless, Facebook managers familiar to accept criticism, for their latest designs to facilitate user.

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