Monday, December 28, 2009

Services 'MyBloglog' Closed Yahoo!

Yahoo back to close one of its services. MyBloglog a service to write a blog will be closed in January 2010 Yahoo later.

MyBlogLog is a service where the writer and the reader can provide profile information of other MyBlogLog users visit their blogs.

Actually, since Yahoo bought it in January 2007 for $ 10 million, this service has the potential to grow quite rapidly. But unfortunately, the trafic been steadily declining. According to the source close to Yahoo, Yahoo was forced to shut next month, just after 3 years of purchase.

"So many long-term success that the company was acquired by the web manager's ability," said founder Eric Marcoulier MyBlogLog.

According to Eric, Yahoo has allowed MyBlogLog dormant for years, and continue left from Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Therefore, for Yahoo, the service closed in the near future is the only way out, while saving operational costs.

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