Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Found chip that can increase sexual arousal

Scientists from Oxford University develop a chip that is planted in the brain to stimulate sexual desire and pleasure.

The sex chip works by sending tiny shocks from electrodes implanted in the brain and provoke a person with low sexual desire becomes sexually active. Such technology has been used previously to treat Parkinson's disease.

Recently, scientists then developed the technology with a focus on the brain region just behind the eye called the orbitofrontal cortex. This region is associated with good feelings generated from eating and sexual activity.

Research led by Morten Kringelbach found that the orbitofrontal cortex stimulation could become a new target to help people with anhedonia, the inability to feel pleasure from the activity. Peer Kringelbach, neurological surgeon Tipu Aziz said, there is evidence that this chip can work.

"Several years ago, a scientist 'embed' the tool into the brain of a woman low sexual desire. It turned into sexually active. But she does not like drastic changes in him. She was then asked that the device was removed from his brain , "Aziz said.

He also added that the risk arising from this technology. According to him, these technologies require surgery to connect wires from the pacemaker to the brain so that the potential to cause bleeding. (okezone)

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