Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friendster Sale Only U.S. $ 26.4 Million

friendster sale, profit friendster, friendster company, friendster malaysiaFriendster had the news will be sold for 100 million dollars to a Malaysian company. Final confirmation, the site Friendster sold under 30 million dollars. Initial value of the site had reported that 98 to Firendster reach 273 million dollars.

Friendster did not complete the purchase of a 26.4 million dollar figure. Several bills to be paid by the owner Frienster like:

* 3.7 million dollars for debt.
* 2.5 million dollars cash owned Friendster
* 2.1 million dollars to pay for the CEO Richard Kimber.
* 1.4 million dollars for executive Friendster
* 3.4 million dollars to Morgan Stanley and other supporters such as other lawyers and other agency

Friendster dominate users in Asia. Established in January 2001. Friendster site to site as the site of the oldest friends, in 2002 Friendster began to develop a larger web and reach 50 million users.

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Revive Energy Mints on May 6, 2010 at 10:39 PM said...

I remember, I was in college when Friendster became extremely popular..almost everybody have their Friendster accounts...but when Facebook was overshadowed Friendster's popularity...I just hope that the admin of Friendster can solve all their issues and problems.

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