Saturday, November 7, 2009

Windows 7 Shortcut

Win 7 adds lots of shortcut between programs, move windows, move windows to another monitor, and much more. Here is a quick reference of available shortcut Win 7. In addition to the keyboard shortcuts, there is also a shortcut through your mouse.

Shortcut Windows Management
One of the best changes in Win 7 is to snap windows to the side of the screen, raising windows by dragging on the top of the screen, or to monitor other moved with other shortcuts.

For full list, below:

* Win + Home: Clean all except the active window
* Win + Space: All windows to be transparent
* Win + Up Arrow: Raising the active window
* Win + Shift + Up Arrow: Raising the active window vertically
* Win + Down Arrow: small window
* Win + Left / Right Arrow: Put the window next to the monitor
* Win + Shift + Left / Right Arrow: Moves the window from right to left and vice versa.

Besides the keyboard, mouse shortcut there:

* Drag the window to the top: Raising
* Drag the window left / right: Put the window to fill half the screen
* Shake the window back / forth: minimize all windows except the active
* Double-Click Top Window Border: Raising vertically

Taskbar Shortcuts
In Win 7, using Windows button numbers 1-9 also allows you to call the program as your settings.

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